Ylene Forwood Hypnotherapy
Creating beautiful transformations


I offer a free, 30-minute initial consultation to address common questions and concerns about hypnosis. The Selection of Modalities is based on client’s needs and issues the client faces. With the use of Hypnotic Reprogramming Techniques, Hypnotic Age Regression, Parts Therapy, NLP, Guided Meditation and Visualization the client is provided with powerful tools that will assist and support the achievement of every personal goal. Every program is personalized and individualized.

Here is an example of why Hypnosis is a powerful tool to open your subconscious awareness. A person who has a chronic smoke habit knows smoking is detrimental to their health. Yet they find it difficult, if not impossible, to quit. Our subconscious mind holds the key for change. It speaks a different language than our conscious, logical mind. Most long-term change only happens in the subconscious level of awareness. Therefore, it is important to understand that 90% of the thoughts we have every day are repeats and are already established in our deep inner mind. We are on autopilot each day. We continue to live this way unless we deliberately seek and implement change. Every experience is imprinted, good or bad. The subconscious mind holds on to every belief, emotion and memory derived from ALL past experiences or trauma we experienced. Therefore, it is important to know that most of the old, negative beliefs stored in our subconscious mind were formed during our tender years. These negative beliefs directly influence how we treat our body and mind. It greatly affects our beliefs on everything including finances, how we speak to ourselves, how we treat the people around us; and how we view the world in general. We do not have to continue to live this way. Unlocking and processing these old, limiting beliefs that we unknowingly recorded in our deep inner minds is the answer to free us up from our daily battles and challenges.

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for any scheduled session.

What Is Hypnosis Use For:

Stop Smoking
Lose Weight
Overcome Fear
Improve Grades
Eliminate Bad Habits
Reduce Stress
Improve Memory
Build Self Confidence
Improve Sports Performance
Success Programming
Increase Sales Motivation
Break Bad Habits
Public Speaking
Self Defeating Behaviors
Fear Of Success
Resistance To Change
Problem Solving
Hopeless Feelings
Exam Anxiety
Focus And Concentration..And Many More.
The services I render to the public are held out as a non-therapeutic hypnotism defined as the use of hypnosis to instill positive outlook and encourage positive attitude. I am not a medical doctor nor a Clinical Psychologist or Psychotherapist. My services do not replace or represent any form of medical, nor any behavioral or mental health care. Please consult your primary care physician before starting any program.

It is also very important to know that your personal success with Hypnotherapy is directly influenced by the following but not limited to: Your level of readiness to process personal issues; your commitment to eliminate any bad habits that are harmful to you; your willingness to let go of old, limiting beliefs that no longer serve you; and compliance to the program that we will collaborate and personalize together. Your co-operation is key.