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I had such a great experience with my hypnotherapies. Ylene is very professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, caring therapist. She made me feel very welcomed, comfortable and giving great guidance during the entire therapy session. I would highly recommend her for your therapeutic needs! — Dia F

Ylene Forwood is the best at what she does. She listened very carefully and thoroughly about my hearts desire and she created a very specific hypnotic programming that was perfectly suitable for me. Our session was calming, relaxing and also exciting. I listened to her recording everyday. There’s a lot of great things that happened to me from then on. I always listened to other motivational speeches and podcast too, but this one is way better. This one is personalized. This one is based on my past, my present and my future. This one is made just for me. I sincerely recommend her to anyone who needs and wants to change their lives for the better. I feel so blessed that I met her. Thank you so much Ylene. — Mystie Schmitz

I wanted to share my experience with you about my session with Ylene. She is very professional and caring. She made me feel comfortable and allowed me to open up without any judgment. She has a gentle and loving spirit. I am so much better!! — M.H.

I completely love my sessions with Miss Ylene, it’s a really cool experience that helps a lot with the situation I was dealing with. Thank you so much and 100% recommended. — Paula D

My son is student athlete at his school and struggled to keep confidence in his skills. So my husband and I decided to seek a hypnotherapist to help him. And we found Ms Ylene Forwood. She was really professional for what she does and great help for my son. She was very pleasant and friendly. Now my son has a lot of self confidence and having fun playing soccer. He said that after he did the hypnotherapy his self confidence significantly rose. He wants to be better in sport and it help him a lot. Thanks a lot to Ms. Ylene Forwood Therapy for making my son mindset better than before. — Blessie Miller

I have known Ylene for more than 20 years, and she’s been a great friend.

I always was interested in hypnosis so I was eager to try it after Ylene became a hypnotist. We talked and discussed what I wanted to accomplish and she made plans on what methods to use. I was a little skeptic about what hypnosis can do but it did help me in several ways. She was very professional about the whole process.

I have learned from Ylene that hypnosis has two stages, “induction” and “suggestion.” Hypnosis starts with induction, when I was told to relax, focus my attention to her voice, hand or eye to quiet my mind. The “suggestion” phase follows when she suggests changes to address my problematic behabior or emotion. Listening to her recording on a daily basis afterwards intensified the experience for the changes she is suggesting.

Experts have compared hypnosis to meditation or mindfulness, where one can achieve a deeper state of concentration and receptiveness. The hypnotist serves as your guide/ coach, and I viewed my sessions with her as a guided meditation. I came out of hypnosis feeling happy and refreshed.

Through this practice, one can hopefully change one’s ways/behavior for the better. I recommend that everyone try hypnosis to improve an aspect of their life (anxiety, phobia, fear of public speaking , smoking, weight loss, etc ). If you are looking for a a hypnotist, Ylene Forwood gets an A+ recommendation from me! — Maria S

I had my first session with Ylene. She is AMAZING!! She is very caring and listens patiently. After talking with her for awhile we came up with my plan to meet my goals for a better me. I am extremely happy with the progress we made and I am looking forward to my next session. I highly recommend Hypnotherapy. — Debbie S

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